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RECENT ACCF Lecture - david Yermack (New york university) - 5 OCTOBEr

Corporate Finance on the Blockchain: The Opportunities of a FinTech Future

Professor David Yermack discussed the developments in blockchain and FinTech and their impact on the future of the financial services sector. Professor Yermack (New York University) is a renowned expert on FinTech economics and has published extensively on blockchains and digital currencies.


new publication:

Understanding the Crisis: bank funding structures as source of instability

Topics in corporate finance Deel 24:

In the ongoing focus of the Amsterdam Center for Corporate Finance (ACCF) on the future structure of the financial sector, this issue of its series Topics in Corporate Finance is devoted to the subject of funding models of banks with as leading author Professor Tanju Yorulmazer, Associate Professor at the Finance Group of the University of Amsterdam who is one of the foremost experts on bank funding models.

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